The purpose of the Task Force is to guide and promote an integrated statewide food safety system that protects public health. In order to achieve this purpose, Task Force objectives include the following:

  • To foster communications between all stakeholders
  • To facilitate the adoption and implementation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code
  • To promote food safety education

The Virginia Food Protection Task Force holds many roles and responsibilites including:

  • Is the governing body of Task Force Activities
  • Sets priorities and provides guidance for any Task Force workgroup
  • Is responsible for ensuring that the Task Force has a clearly established direction and oversees the progress in that direction
  • Offers expert opinions and makes recommendations to agencies on how federal, state, and local food safety agencies could work more effectively together
  • Provides recommendations that contribute to the long-range goal of creating a seamless federal, state, and local food safety system
  • Reviews all proposed workgroup activities and products prior to sending them forward for review
  • Recommends short and long-term projects for workgroups

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