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Food-borne Illness

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People get food-borne poisoning when they consume contaminated foods or beverages. About 1 in 6 Americans (approximately 48 million) gets food poisoning each year.
About 128,000 Americans are hospitalized due to food poisoning each year.

About 3,000 Americans die as a result of food poisoning each year.

Feed is Food!

The Agricultural Commodities Program in the Office of Plant Industry Services is responsible for ensuring the integrity of commodities regulated under Virginia’s Animal Remedies, Commercial Feed, Seed, Fertilizer andAgricultural Liming
Materials Laws.
To ensure products are truthfully labeled, VDACS inspects establishments that manufacture or distribute regulated products. The inspection involves reviewing product labels for compliance accuracy, as well as collecting and analyzing representative samples of the products. A regulated product having false or misleading labeling or containing a substance that has been identified as harmful to humans, plants, animals or the environment is prohibited from further distribution in Virginia.


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